Non GM Baking Ingredients for Bakers Who Prefer to Keep it Natural

Non GM Baking

We only have to read the food labels on products we buy to see how many additives, colours and unnatural processes our ingredients sometimes go through before they reach the shelves. Food that is labelled "Organic" is not allowed by law to have any GM ingredients in it therefore looking for organic ingredients offers bakers who wish to only use natural ingredients peace of mind. Here we take a look at baking ingredients that are not Genetically Modified and are sold in their natural state, what is available plus where we can purchase them.

Doves Farm Foods Ltd

Doves Farm Logo

Doves Farm is located in Hungerford Berkshire and is an organic flour specialist that is also dedicated to ethical and Fairtrade systems. Doves Farm mills specialist flours along with organic products and has been in the business since 1978. Everything the Non GM baker requires can be ordered from Doves Farm including Baking Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda, many different types of flour, yeast and Xanthan Gum for use in gluten free recipes.

Flour is sold in packs ranging from 120g to 1.5 kgs, while each flour type is listed separately on their website accompanied by a short resume of what type of baking product each type of flour is best suited for. Sacks of flour may also be purchased along with many gluten free products too. Doves Farm also offers biscuits, breakfast cereals and baking equipment, while ordering online is a simple process.

Customers will need to register online at the website then simply click on the product they want and proceed to the checkout. Orders over £30.00 are delivered free with the UK mainland, while Doves Farm also delivers goods to mainland Europe at a competitive price. Why not visit the Doves Farm comprehensive website that not only features hundreds of great baking products but also offers a wealth of useful information too.

  • Doves Farm Foods Ltd
  • Salisbury Road
  • Hungerford
  • Berkshire
  • RG17 0RF
  • Tele +44 0 1488 684 880

Healthy Supplies

Healthy Supplies

Healthy Supplies is located in Brighton and supplies organic food stuffs and ingredients online for those who like to keep their baking natural. The company formed when it became apparent that the big supermarkets were not going to supply customers with a good range of organic produce and they were right. When you consider the floor space of the average big store the organic section is minute in comparison.

Healthy Supplies offers a huge range of healthy products including baking ingredients all at reasonable prices plus prompt delivery too. Take for instance their organic soya flour 500g bag for £2.78 or three bags for £2.64 which is just one of the products they sell. Their organic buckwheat flour costs £3.99 for a one kilogram bag and is great for those who wish to avoid wheat in their bread products or scones. Healthy Supplies offer a huge range of organic flours in fact over twenty seven different varieties meaning shoppers will surely find one to suit their baking needs.

All ingredients featured on their website are natural organic products including sugars, spices, grains and cereals such as rice and cake binding ingredients too. Whether its tapioca flour or organic Brazil nuts you seek you will find them on this comprehensive website. Discounts are offered on a depending how big your order is basis therefore it pays to order in bulk to save money. Buy three or more items to save 5% or spend £20.00 plus and you will receive up to 10% with higher value orders offering an increasing discount.

Healthy Supplies delivers orders all over the UK and Europe, while there is a charge for delivery. The company stocks some well-known names too such as Amy's Kitchen. If you can't find your organic GM free ingredients at Healthy Supplies then it probably doesn't exist.

  • Healthy Supplies
  • Unit C2
  • Knoll Business Centre
  • Old Shoreham Road
  • Hove
  • BN3 7GS
  • Tele 01273 660316

Shipton Mill

Shipton Mill

Shipton Mill is located in Gloucestershire and offers a Flour Direct Shop where customers can order the finest organic flour on the market. Shipton Mill is dedicated to using local sources of organic grain that is milled to make their flours, while their prices are very competitive. Shipton Mill's Extra Coarse Organic Wholemeal Flour costs just £1.30 per 1kg bag, while a 1kg bag of 100% Wholemeal Flour is priced at £1.30 or £21.50 per 25kg sack.

Shipton Mill offers many different varieties of organic flour including

  • Barley Flour
  • Chestnut Flour
  • Dark Rye Flour
  • Italian Ciabatta Flour
  • Light Malthouse Flour

Many varieties of organic ingredients natural bakers will require may also be found at the Shipton Mill website. Organic Oatmeal and Porridge Oats make delicious homemade biscuits, while Organic Semolina makes amazingly nutritious pasta. Organic fresh yeast is also supplied by Shipton Mill meaning bakers can be certain chemicals are not going to be added to their baking from any quarter.

Shipton Mill also produces a range of "Classic "organic flours that they supply to retail outlets and shops or online. Even the packaging looks natural as the designs feature woodland scenes or paintings of rolling fields. Customers simply select a type of flour by clicking the image and they are furnished with a detailed description of how the flour is made and what it is best used for. Once your choice is made simply add to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

The Shipton Website also features a range of recipes that customers may wish to try out. Bread, cakes, biscuit recipes and tips are all featured along with techniques explained in full all of which is very helpful. Delivery is free for orders of £30.00 and over and visitors to the mill are welcomed as it is open to the public from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

  • Shipton Mill
  • Long Newnton
  • Tetbury
  • Gloucestershire
  • GL8 8RP
  • Tele 01666 505050



Allinson is a well-established company that dates back to the 1800's and whose name is synonymous with quality products. All Allinson grains for producing flours and bread making ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers, while all Allinson flours and yeast products are GM free. Allinson produce quality bread making flours such as Strong White Bread Flour, Very Strong White Bread Flour and Very Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour.

Other varieties include Country Grain Bread Flour, Seed and Grain Bread Flour and Wholemeal Seed and Grain Bread Flour. Allinson also offer plain and self-raising flours that contain less protein so producing much less elastic dough, while Easy Bake Yeast and Dried Active Yeast are also sold here. Customers can buy Allinson flours at many of the large supermarkets in the UK along with a wide variety of breads too.

There are so many types of delicious dough's that can be made using Allinson flours such as white dough to make cottage loaves, wholemeal dough to make wholemeal rolls and olive oil dough to make pizza bread or focaccia. Supermarkets and retail outlets that supply customers with Allinson products include Asda, Co-op, Morrison, Tesco, Spar, Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

  • Allinson Flour
  • Sugar Way
  • Peterborough
  • PE2 9AY
  • Tele 0 1733 422 696

Steenburgs Organic


Located in Ripon North Yorkshire, Steenburgs is a family run business that supplies a whole host of organic, therefore GM free, ingredients for natural bakers to buy. Steenburgs stock a range of organic flours that include corn flour, strong wheat flour, semolina flour and brown rice flour all at very competitive prices. All the produce here is reasonably priced for instance a 1.5 kilogram bag of organic buckwheat flour will set you back £4.74 and is also suitable for Vegans.

Steenburgs website features plenty of choice for the organically minded baker including such lines as 45g jar of all spice for £2.45, caraway seeds £2.45 for 50g and organic vanilla extract £7.50 per 100g. Whether its organic ground almonds you need or organic cocoa powder to add to your chocolate cakes you will find it here. Steenburgs even sell organic cake decorations such as chocolate drops along with organic sugars and syrups.

Steenburgs supplies organic ingredients for bakers who are planning to home bake their Christmas fare too. Such ingredients as organic currants and raisins, organic mixed spice, organic mulled spice, organic stollen spice mix, organic cinnamon powder, candied orange and nutmeg are all available, while their website also features a comprehensive range of Fairtrade products too.

Purchasing Steenburgs produce is easy simply click on the item and proceed to checkout in order to buy. Those who buy goods within the UK for under £24.99 will incur delivery charges of £4.99, while order goods over this price and postage and packing is totally free of charge. Any queries can be answered via email or telephone with contact details for Steenburgs listed below.

  • Steenburgs Organic
  • 6, Hallikeld Close
  • Barker Business Park
  • Melmerby
  • Ripon
  • HG4 5GZ
  • Tele 0 1765 640 088