Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game Review

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game Review

The Busy Life of a Baker

Join Jessica as she deals with the hustle and bustle of running a business in Jessica's Cupcake Café. In this charming time management title, you attempt to save Uncle Fred and Aunt Margaret's failing bakery by turning it into a modern restaurant. Get creative as you choose which cupcake styles to offer customers per day. Top carrot cupcakes with cute heart candies or make crazy combinations such as strawberry jam batter and lavender frosting. You pick which types of cake, frosting and toppings to offer so that the Cupcake Café can shine.

After you have set the cupcakes to sell for the day, you will need to stick to the plan. To give you a chance to do a better job, you will be notified if you ever deviate from the designs. It is possible to toss both the cake and frosting in the trash if you make a mistake -which will happen quite a bit if you are new to this kind of games. Naturally, having lesser mistakes will mean better game progress.

Just like any savvy business woman, Jessica doesn't let stocks go to waste. Any leftover cupcakes that weren't bought in the Café may be sold at the park. This is done by playing a bake sale mini game that involves filling customer orders until your pre-made sweet treats, or time, runs out.

As this is a time management game, being speedy really pays off. Not only will you be able to sell more cupcakes, you'll also ensure that your customers stick around. Customers lose patience while waiting to be served. Taking too long will result in customers leaving. In case cooking a batch of sweets is taking too long, you can try to increase a buyer's patience by offering some candy or by tuning in the television to a channel they like. Of course, being accurate also makes customers happy. After all, nobody wants to go home with cupcake flavors they didn't order.

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game Screen

Keeping customers happy increases your potential profit as satisfied patrons leave bigger tips. They may even order additional beverages such as milk, coffee or tea to complement their meal. Once in a while, you will get a request for a batch of custom designed yummies. Just like in real life, you earn more money by successfully fulfilling these special orders.

Enjoying the game relies on what genre you're into. Though tasty cupcakes are involved, Jessica's Cupcake Café does not really focus on baking. Instead of mastering the art of pouring cake batter and getting your sprinkles just right like in Papa's Cupcakeria, cooking is automated in this title. Pouring batter is a one-click operation and so is placing the sheet into the oven and frosting. Unless you choose the wrong combinations, there's really no way to fail at baking. On the other hand, Cupcake Café does teach you a thing or two about running a business. Not only do you run the shop from deciding which items to offer to collecting payments, you also find ways to keep wasted stocks to a minimum. Upgrades also play a big role in your Café's success. Not only do these boosters make operations more efficient, they also add amenities to your shop.

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe may not be the most unique title around but Big Fish Games sure did a good job of balancing challenge with fun. As long as you know your way around PC games and don't mind busy multitasking, we recommend that you give this enjoyable title a try. You may even pick up a few practical baking tricks from the game's Recipes section.

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