Great British Bake Off 2013 Series Preview

So the Baking Begins for 2013's Great British Bake Off

great british bake off 2013 series preview

Here we are again at the beggining of another series of the Great British Bake Off Competition. The 2013 series got off to a great start with exceptional viewing figures of over seven million showing how popular this baking show has become. We have reached week four already and have lost four contestants who just couldn't keep up with the high standards that are evident this year from the line up of amateur Bakers. Let's take a look at what has happened so far and what we think you can expect this year.

Weeks One to Four

The Bake Off has kept the well tried format again this year that has proven really popular with viewers and critics alike. The marquee is raised, Mel and Sue are their witty selves plus Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood once again will be critics, judges and overall experts in the show. Week one saw the bakers making traditional sponges and angel cakes plus their showstopper challenge of a double chocolate cake that had to be elaborate and creative. It seemed to be the younger bakers who didnt fair too well in week one with Toby a nice young chap being the first to leave.

Week two saw bread become the challenge for our remaining bakers. Bakes included thirty six perfectly formed thin bread sticks, English muffins that had to be the exact same size and bake throuout plus an elaborate show stopper challenge to make exciting bread creations rarely seen on the high street.

Week three was very entertaining with custard being the downfall of many of the contestants, while the baker that was eliminated left under a cloud as she had used her opponents custard by mistake meaning he had to use hers. This caused quite a furore but fortunately the judges were aware so could judge the custards accordingly. Two bakers were eliminated in week three.

great british bakeoff 2013 pie

Week four and it was the dreaded pie and pastry week that contestants dread. The phrase of the day was "No soggy Bottoms" with many a joke and pun being bandied about from Mel and Sue. The bakers were tasked with making a double fruit pie and while they all worried about soggy pastry on the base of their pies one unfortunate contestant had a soggy top too! Egg custard tarts were the delight of the technical challenge and some of the offerings were terrible as they stuck to the tins, while custard ended up splattered all over the work surfaces. Creations using Filo pastry was the show stopper challenge that once again proved difficult for the bakers. Ali one of the youngest contestants left this week.

What's Ahead?

Week five its biscuits! With eight bakers remaining the competition is getting intense as no-one wishes to fall at this point in the competition. The nakers become increasingly emotional as the weeks pass by and can be seen staring into ovens, panicking over their bakes and generally welling up with tears when the fail or succeed such is the pressure. If you have not tuned into the Bake Off yet you are missing a real treat!

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