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Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Game Review

Join Jessica as she deals with the hustle and bustle of running a business in Jessica's Cupcake Café. In this charming time management title, you attempt to save Uncle Fred and Aunt Margaret's failing bakery by turning it into a modern restaurant. Get creative as you choose which cupcake styles to offer customers per day. Top carrot cupcakes with cute heart candies or make crazy combinations such as strawberry jam batter and lavender frosting. You pick which types of cake, frosting and toppings to offer so that the Cupcake Café can shine.

Cake Mania Main Street Game

Cake Mania Main Street Game Review

Being one of the most recognizable titles in the genre, Cake Mania is synonymous with time management games. This popular gem has been a hit with the casual gaming crowd as it has been released on the PC, Mac and, more recently, mobile platforms. While the time-travelling adventure Cake Mania 3 gave you a chance to serve sweet treats to dinosaurs, mummies and ancient dragons, Cake Mania Main Street takes place in present-day Bakersfield, home town of Jill Evans.